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"CT Imaging produced a beautiful DVD slideshow... They were extremely helpful and accommodating! I highly recommend their services. You will not be disappointed"
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Welcome to CT Imaging.

Small family owned professional photo scanning company offering services for photos, slides and images. We provide photo DVD & BluRay slideshow services all year round. We provide professional photo scanning, film & slide scanning and photo DVD slideshow services.

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Featured services

  • HD Slideshow

    Slideshows in HD

    Stunning clarity in HD with our slideshows produced on Blu Ray discs.

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  • photo scanning

    Photo and Slide Scanning

    Professional photo and slide scanning with state of the art equipment. Free touch ups!

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  • Slideshow DVD

    DVD Slideshows

    We offer slideshows on DVD and many other formats to suit your needs.

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Slideshows on DVD or BluRay

Just imagine those boxes and albums of photos displayed on your TV screen for the whole family to enjoy! Or maybe a gift for a family member or friend? Let us create the perfect Photo Slideshow DVD!

Slideshow now produced in HIGH DEFINITION thanks to the exciting technology of Blu-Ray discs and players. Enjoy your memories in crisp clear and colorful display.

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Photo & Slide Scanning

A great way to protect those cherished memories is to make a copy or a back-up. At CT Imaging we offer photo scanning and archiving to disc. When stored in a safe or at a friends you are protected against loss due to fire, flood, theft, etc. We can scan all types of pictures, slides and film with our in-house photo scanning equipment and software.

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Slideshow in Any Format

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube? We can absolutely create your slideshow in those formats and many many more.

Some of your options are: Blu-Ray, DVD, SVCD, VCD, XVCD, XSVCD, CVD,EXE, PC Autorun, SCR, Flash, PX, YouTube, MPEG2, MPEG1, MOV, WMV,Blu-Ray HD-Video, Flash FLV, compressed AVI, un-compressed AVI. If you need something not listed here simply let us know.

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Why scan your photos on a CD or DVD?

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When CT Imaging completes a Photo Slideshow DVD or Photo Scanning project the media is converted to a digital file. Since digital files are stored as information, they do not deteriorate, as opposed to paper or film which will decompose.

That means, no matter what happens to the original, you'll always be able to print a document or photo from your CD Archive Disc that is an exact copy of the original. Or view your photos from your DVD Photo Slideshow at the same quality as the day the were scanned or inserted into the slideshow.

To help preserve your Photo Slideshow DVD and/or Photo Scanning CD we suggest that the disc be stored properly. We also recommend having more than one copy of your CDs and DVDs in separate locations, just to be safe.

We put life into your digital and print photos by adding stunning special transitions, soundtracks, ken burns-styled motion effects. Additional styles are provided for free and added regularly.

DVD Slideshow using your photos, digital images, 35mm film or slides, memory cards or any image. Once on disk, your photos can be shared, enjoyed and preserved for generations to come. Professional photo slideshow, wedding slideshow, slideshow on DVD disc, PowerPoint to DVD.